Dominick and Raquel Bellizzi welcome you to their newest restaurant, the Corner Tavern & Grill in Folsom. Our goal is to revive the good-times neighborhood bistro where the community can enjoy great food, new friends and plenty of cheer. We invite you and your loved ones to join our family and share in our cherished traditions of taste, togetherness and home.


The Corner opened in October 2018 after two years of inspiration and planning.  In 2016, Dominick decided to pursue his dream of opening an East Coast “Cheers”-style bar and grill, one that recalls the days when restaurants actually cooked their food and didn’t just warm it up, and when a scratch kitchen was the norm and not a novelty.

Dominick searched Folsom to find just the right neighborhood for making the dream come true. He discovered the ideal place in the Glenn-Sibley area, which reminded him of the pockets of neighborhoods in New Jersey, where he grew up. There, each neighborhood had a bistro or bar that were the social gathering places. The Corner is just that.

“We’re honored to share with you the cultural recipes and techniques passed down through generations of our family,” Dominick said. 

“Our intent is to bring a bit of East Coast flair to Folsom, just as we’ve done with Dominick’s Italian Market & Deli and Dominick’s Trattoria in Granite Bay,” he said. “We recognize that customers are the strength of our business, and we’re committed to great service, the best quality and delicious fare in a casual, fun environment.”


Our customers: We value people and making them feel special. Commitment, consistency, quality and passion for delivering the highest-quality food and customer service are the hallmarks of our business.

Our community: Since we’ve been in business, we’ve given back to the community by supporting our schools through special fundraising events and sponsorships.

Our employees: Dependability, reliability, loyalty, honesty and respect. Those values enable us to attract and retain talented and engaged employees who deliver outstanding service. 

Dominick Bellizzi



    My parents were from Calabria, Italy, where food is a passion and cooking is a way of life. I grew up in a first-generation Italian-American home that honored those traditions. 

    After my father passed when I was 10, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother, aunts and uncles, helping prepare and cook delicious meals.  At age 13, I began working in my uncle’s Italian deli, learning the trade and helping my mother put food on the table for my sister and me.  

    Over the years, I worked in pizzerias and delicatessens to put myself through school, where I majored in computer science and math. Eventually I met and married my beautiful wife, Raquel, took a job at Siemens engineering company and continued to work in the food industry as a second job. 

    Climbing the Siemens corporate ladder, we lived in Puerto Rico, returned to New Jersey, and then finally were assigned to Sacramento. 

     We fell in love with Folsom and decided to stay and raise our children, Daniela and Jerry. One thing we noticed, though, was the area lacked a real deli. A lot of places call themselves delis, but they’re really sandwich shops. 

    Raquel said, “Why don’t you leave the company and I can go back to work (in banking) and you can open a deli?”  So we did.

     We wanted to follow our East Coast roots and upbringing and build a unique place that would provide customers with the finest and freshest-quality food, large portions made from family recipes, fair prices and the Italian tradition of “first name” friendliness. That dream was realized with the 2004 grand opening of Dominick’s Italian Market & Deli in Granite Bay. 

    Our customers loved our passion, commitment to quality and friendly service, and they embraced us.  It wasn’t long before the regulars from Granite Bay, Folsom and other surrounding communities kept encouraging us to open a small family restaurant. Dominick’s Trattoria & Bar debuted on Valentine’s Day 2006, next door to the deli. It quickly became the neighborhood gathering place.

    From there, we expanded into our hometown of Folsom in 2010 with Dominick’s New York Pizza & Deli, a genuine East Coast pizzeria.  We sold it in 2016 so we could start a new restaurant venture. Two years later, the Corner Tavern & Grill opened its doors. 


    As pioneering restaurateurs for 15 years, Raquel and I have found fulfillment and happiness from introducing Sacramento to East Coast cooking and dining, and showing our customers those values we learned in a tight-knit Italian family – hospitality, friendship and the sense of close community that comes only when breaking bread with others at the table.   

    As Raquel puts it:   “One of the things we wanted to do was share what we grew up with. What I love about what we’ve built is seeing customers who first started coming in when they were teenagers, and now they’re coming back with their own kids and teaching them the things we shared with them. That makes it worth everything we’ve gone through.  I hope we can duplicate that at the Corner.” 

    As Dominick puts it:  “The greatest pleasure of our 15 plus year journey, is connecting communities and people.  I have enjoyed watching my staff grow both personally and professionally. Creating families of their own and become extended members of my family. It’s been a wonderful ride and we’re continually excited for the future.”